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Business Continuity

Computer systems are useless without the technical skills to make them work smoothly. Our large and highly accredited technical team can meet your needs for everything from simple installations to complex projects. Read more

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Technical Services

Skanco can provide a range of technical skills depending on your requirements and budget! From desktop engineers all the way to experienced network consultants and project managers. From a simple printer install to a complex systems platform migration project we have the experience and qualified staff to meet your needs. Read more


Many small or medium sized businesses can't justify hiring their own IT expert, and even when they do one person can only know so much. We integrate seamlessly with your business, giving you the strength of a whole IT team at a fraction of the cost. Read more

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Media Storage

Data is essential to any business. Our secure offsite storage offers a simple and cost effective way to ensure your business is protected from loss or damage to data. Read more


IT hardware is constantly being updated and you don't want your old equipment becoming a liability. We dispose of old equipment securely, ensuring your company's sensitive information is completely erased.
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Having the right tools for the job is essential in any business, today's IT is no different. Getting the right systems, equipment and software to suit your business is therefore essential. Read more


Computer Maintenance and PC Repair Services, as offered by Skanco Business Systems, operates 24/7, 365 days per year to provide a hardware support service that goes beyond a simple third party break / fix Computer Maintenance contract. Read more

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IT Relocation

Moving offices costs time and effort, but we can make life easier. We use our experience to manage the relocation of your IT equipment efficiently, cutting your stress levels and staff downtime. Read more


Hosting has become an important part of managing and maintaining data and business-critical applications. We deliver a range of reliable, scalable and secure solutions to meet your company needs from quarter rack hosting up to full secure hosting areas containing multiple racks.
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