Many small or medium sized businesses can't justify hiring their own IT expert, and even when they do; one person can only know so much. IT is a constantly evolving area, and even a small business can require a wide range of competencies and specific knowledge in order to work.

IT can be complex and time consuming and, although it is a business tool that creates real advantages and benefits, from a management perspective it can be a real distraction. Our highly qualified staff can integrate seamlessly with your business, giving you the benefit of having a whole team of specialists and experts at your disposal. Our services include:

  • A local helpdesk: to support your staff or provide Skanco engineers
  • Experienced staff available on a permanent or temporary basis, full time or monthly contracts
  • Skilled staff for a set number of hours per day or week at times that suit you
  • First line hardware and software support
  • In-house or remote location management of your IT systems and services
  • Outsource your software provision and remove licensing worries

Save time and money by using Skanco to provide the expertise you need, at a level and price that suits you.

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