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Skanco is an Isle of Man company owned by its four directors, all of whom are Manx residents. The company has continually invested in the Isle of Man both in terms of buying its own premises and an ongoing commitment to staff training. Skanco has grown steadily since 1985 and its growth has followed the growth of the business sector in the Isle of Man and its product portfolio has changed according to their needs. Managing Director David Butterworth, who has been with Skanco since inception, said: “A business exists to create customers, to service those customers and to keep them. After more than 20 years in business this still remains our number one priority”.

The company operated out of a number of leased premises until 1997 when the principal business was relocated to new headquarters on a business park on the outskirts of Douglas. Skanco has a current workforce of around 40, of which a significant number have worked for the company for many years.

In 1999 Skanco’s business continuity centre, Restart, was relocated to the Isle of Man Business Park which is two miles from the business centre of Douglas. This brought Skanco’s total space to around 20,000 square feet in two buildings linked by our own fibre optic cable thus providing exceptional flexibility.

The company is owned by the board of directors, with over 70 years’ experience in Skanco and has a strong management team with over 40 years’ experience within the company. We focus on providing the full range of our services to our client base each year and one of our main strengths is our ability to identify and move into new areas without degradation of existing offerings.

Our core business is finding complete solutions. In the Isle of Man many clients want a one-stop shop and we aim to be seen as the company to provide it. We primarily provide services to the private sector and our policy to always provide a quality offering has enabled us to develop long term relationships with a loyal client base.

Over 50 per cent of Skanco’s staff is involved in the technical area and Skanco’s commitment to ongoing training ensures that they are amongst the highest qualified technical staff available on the Isle of Man. Steady growth has made Skanco one of the Island's best known business names.

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